Adventures of Pinky Dugg: Magnum Flinch

Adventures of Pinky Dugg: Magnum Flinch By ? Little pinky Dugg crept weely along and saw the old man on his back porch skinning some animal, pulling and twisting away the skin and with great horror pinky suddenly noticed it was sniffy, sniffy Digg, sniffy his very own sniffy. Pinky trembled greatly (more out of […]

The First Love Poem I've Ever Actually Meant

The First Love Poem I’ve Ever Actually Meant by Peter Funk In my fortieth year my head becomes a pin cushion for a constantly evolving army of bad ideas and circular regrets, an emotional petri dish growing dusty grey-green wisps of fuzz that make me gag or, at best, sneeze inconsolably. No medicinal value at […]