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A [+] cross 2wo o C t O b E r s the plagiarist proves titmouseDedicated to all Haggard and Halloo Poets/ Poetesses, Editors/Editors in dresses By Quasimofo i. Th{eer}[ie] is sum ummm.. most important 2…3…4 ha-ha-cha-cha before my execution cued accordion-ly how to homebrew to the tune of a fat girl’s beginning dance lesson…(no […]


INVENTORY by Ashok Niyogi watch with leather strap accumulated sweat forlorn wireless mouse color prints of assorted gods that glow in the dark incense ash on internet modem and landline phone dried sandalwood paste on genuine silver platter pretentious books in darkness above reading neon imitation colonial education second grade provincial bright blue stenographer’s chair […]


AFTER ALL THESE YEARS by Ashok Niyogi extended motif hammer and sickle obsolete sheaves of corn extended terrace outside your window empty cigarette packets in abandoned snow half empty eyes like a Soviet gastronom the thrill of a gaudy circus stately dowagers lost in a gypsy camp just faded brush strokes Shipkina tram lines blurred […]