Poem written in a Laundromat or Cowboy Poetry for a Bull-rider's love letters

Poem written in a Laundromat or Cowboy Poetry for a Bull-rider’s love letters For Jewell Kilcher [2nd best poet living in Stephenville, Texas / Cowboy Capital of the World] by Quasimofo “YIIIIIII-HAAAAA!!!!”   1st Spur: “I’d love every square inch of you if you didn’t have so many curves..” it began..ending with “you and me […]

Let's Grow Old Together and Die #1 & #2

Stroking Egos at the Retirement Home by diy danna The retirement clock strikes another hour and a patient strokes, weathered hands still clutching the remote. Control is an illusion when she spasms and her senile husband says what she’s thinking- “The children never visit anymore.” then turns the channel to Lifetime. Sweeter Than Sweet Potato […]

The World's Most Decadent Blogger

The world’s most decadent blogger by Gene Defcon Lives vicariously through his younger brother, Eric. ERIC: A real hit with the ladies – Face time with business leaders – Owns a tuxedo – But harbors a gruesome secret An obscene screech of a secret Involving pornography And faulty locomotive brakes Which his brother is incredibly […]