6th Street in Austin is the Alley of Death for Satans Cheerleader,s

6th Street is the Alley of Death for SATANS CHEERLEADER,S by peaceloveandjoyce When I go Down Town to 6th street and see a bar like the Jackalope with Satans Cheerleaders Picture on all the wall,s and sit with some Guy that wants to have Sex with Satan,s Cheerleader,s a Bunch of women with Tatoo,s all […]


notes on AUTUMN LEAVES (a song for solitude) by emily ryan robert aldrich’s favorite close-up of crawford’s crawlers scene set-up in a lively diner —jitterbuggy ———bubblegummy (mocking her monogram) —————two chicken salads and two checks as well! …and here is joan emerging from the cabana as mildred pierce, no, millicent weatherby, all neck and legs […]

oil fire

oil fire by gene defcon Disturbing black bitch came screaming out of the oil field a screaming silhouette a fiery sunspot black silhouette screaming across the sky except low in the sky almost to the ground in fact on the ground screaming and kicking up mud or perhaps oil globs there was a taste of […]