Fondue in an Alternator Factory

Fondue in an Alternator Factory by quasimofo ..the woman with the beautiful brown eyes and unclaspable necklace \ flirts with my alarm bleeps 10 minutes till real time after the shag stagger coffee morn vanilla 5 sugar spoons.. gulped.. the clothes lose their balance in a bagel hole hanging in dim dawn dwelling’s last lynchings— […]


Crush. by halifax We’re not holding hands, I’m holding yours. We’re not together, You’re with me. The door isn’t open, I’m letting you in. The food is good. It’s better off your plate. The movie was interesting. I thought you’d enjoy it. It’s not time to go, I’m taking you home. You’re not leaving with […]


War by Beth Woodcome Lean in like babies. Lean in like paranoids. Our eyes go to the left, and quickly to the right. Can you hear it? Can you tell me when it’ll happen? The sound of someone plotting. A deep breath. All those fatigues. Those boys. Let me tell you something. Come closer so […]

Twenty-Five Year Old Man Eating A Grapefruit

Twenty-Five Year Old Man Eating A Grapefruit by anthony cristofani A twenty-five year old man stands in a dark kitchen shivering, eating a half of grapefruit. He is eating quickly, common sense like cataracts on the eyes stuck on the hands of the glowing clock that already point past the general safety zone he regards […]