godamn i really hope the float was properly assembled

godamn i really hope the float was properly assembled by joseph goosey Let’s watch this film about a cartoon rat and consecrate something I dreamed up in at least 6 different poems beginning about 2 months ago.Too many numbers in there and I am sorry.Soon you’ll start asking, as they always do, why do you […]

chanting in chinatown

chanting in Chinatown by johannes bech dalsgaard i remember Chinatown everything changing hands so quickly, everybody’s all smiles but in Chinatown the smiles are more noisy, more beeming, more vocal – and yet Chinatown’s not about words it’s all motion no walking in circles though and no straight lines – Chinatown is an improvised fractal, […]


Poverty by john robinson Surrendering like a ghost-town rain window-shutters rattled an unsettled night that found itself running towards a small child that weeps a mother’s grief across the globe a voice carved into stone before which, we dreamily lower our heads into a samsara of common shame & the canals of folk-lore navigating wealthy […]