headshot by diy danna She submitted her headshot to Vogue, a bullet wound through the face courtesy of Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 and the Editor wrote her back: “Dear Madmoiselle, You may need to seek professional, psychiatric help. ” Her headshot rests on the table next to the letter in a frame. She still hasn’t found […]

Lewis Has Got The Universe in His Hand and Won’t Let Go

Lewis Has Got The Universe in His Hand and Won’t Let Go by ismael ricardo archbold The way the sky won’t mix with the ground, morning refusing night even so much as a nod; the flowers are drunk, harassing the chihuahua as it lifts its exquisite hind leg; the wind snaps its towel of grit […]


Maturity by jim benz At twelve o’clock, revulsion / on the telephone and a yellow blur / cutting ribbons in my head: dissolultion / of yesterday’s joy ride, or was it today’s? On the path / to the phone, a clutter of beer cans and bottles. / They reach for my ankles, claw / at […]


Strand by cassie lewis I jolt awake. Remember beer for breakfast in seedy bars. Furnishings close in, suddenly, their sweat. What is this wanderlust decorating. Stay here wrestling smallest things, this broken morning. It is unremitting — must I force this door? Haven. You sit still in your chair, like an absolution. Each of your […]


Beginning by j. alan nelson Relax. We are lost in that beginning eons lost before you slid from my mother’s womb felt limbs move freely drying in air light pressing your eyes. I’m not here to analyze your feelings. nor hash over times long before lost documents lost balance unwritten journal entries sounds of adult […]