Analogue by Halifax The tone arm balances, hovering, and clicks. Clicks. Then dips, sips, The shell drinking up the sound. The stylus tip slips into place Tightly following the trace Crisp popping and sibilance Crackles out a Ouija séance The pickup hums and record moves Elliptical needle guided by the grooves Planchette diamond on black […]

Un.imitatable Moons

Un.imitatable Moons by cocteau maintain moans. Alms, them elms, beeg Barry Ul-anov. Singin’ psalms: ague, éclat, éclair. Cool, con-flatable pretty-pret-ty parsnips stipple& ripple. Rattle & roam. Tha’ riotous rollicking moon, rune. Elderberry, cranberry bogs/ ê -clipsed. Rima rued. Ague, ague, ague. Ain’t it funny how time, ain’t it, ain’t it, ain’t ain’tain’t ain’tain’t ain’tain’t ain’tain’t, […]

oblong ate a medulla

oblong ate a medulla by ramakrishnan parthasarathy. old hag, dirtbag no shoes, torn rags life, hope, self, existence pity, maker, arsenic, tense you, us, them, shall not perish i, gettysburg address, am you cower in fear, leviathan funeral, smiles, abound apples kropotkin meets heinlein over anarcho-libertarian tea boston party pooper, shit happens bleak, spectacles, emotions […]