montana fireflies

montana fireflies by bo sacker Infrequent April sun comes to warm molten snows in moose wallows where the luminescent beetles dance indecent pirouettes. The marshy meadow glows, from fertile bugs, skirts upraised, begging for romance, rushed by impending death, to couplings conjugate. Drowned larch skeletons protrude from the mossy muck, proud sentinels where peregrine falcons […]


jH(*Y7YTHoho. by cerebella asteroid to asteroid. the tidal foam of middle-mind disasters is ticklish. glue neverletgos peel and blacken. purple cape neck cling yellow hair annie pupils. when lostest, you can trace sheep, engrossed in petting them. my muse-chaos died of grief and i, too stubborn, neglected to bury her. she was the shape of […]