Barely the Minority?

Barely the Minority? By Joe Cloyd They’ll watch tv like blind dogs… Buy lottery tickets Listen to the same old songs… And bitch about taxes under The compulsion of stingy despair… and piss Away their coins in slot machines As they piss themselves… Bitter Yet enjoying their bitterness. Hopeless Yet functioning despite their hopelessness. Absurd […]

Little Craig

Little Craig by gene defcon Corrupt cops meeting in bars Like two sides of a zipper Grinning and spinning Their stools Overseeing the shit spiral The sewer festers with teenage hookers Esoteric pimps holding fast to Clinton-era money cults Ragged denominations nearly imperceptible to snack machines Drug dealers tracing their family tree on the chalk […]

By Aeroplane to Iceland

By Aeroplane to Iceland by cocteau She looked down to the tea table, humming. Remembering. All bird songs are learnt within the first month after learning to fly. You always remember where the tiger attacked you. Like cloud-to-cloud lightning. Looking down into the interior was a small air-pressure gauge which pretty much told its own […]