Hacked by Sweet LatinHackTeam ~ 2009 (year de la hack) Do not be afraid of my mustache. My mustache is also Latin. X74-WayzRx is secret code for “come and touch the latin mustache”. Z40-xbabybeard> It does not bite unless you request the dance with it. This mustached hacked into the discotech and began as a […]

Trouble With Graves

Trouble With Graves by limbs Ceremonial tea bowls loom ceramic and livid between pallid girl and Pinkerton irresponsibility Crooked temple loosely structured resigned in haste Prayer done through hands calloused dominated by habit Foundations shudder Listless The plume of smoke trees murmur outside against the fertile backdrop The only woman against a wave of residual […]


Visage by wynn everett Awake- (when I had skin on), I fancied walking my fingers around my jaw. Where all ten would fight their turn – and ridges to brain, agreed, that I, too, was no different. Years could tickle or beat, but in shade, my grip would find – underneath. And mind’s pupil rate […]