Real All of the Sudden

Real All of the Sudden By Beth Cortez-Neavel (For Allison James, Austin Chaffin, Sol Richey, and Alex Red) It was just real all of the sudden,             Alison said. I couldn’t handle it. I had to run upstairs and scream and cry and slump down on the floor. “My friend shot himself in the head.” […]

Fifty nine minutes at Wal-mart on New Year’s Eve

Fifty nine minutes at Wal-mart on New Year’s Eve by alex nodopaka She and I stand at the movie ticket booth exactly five minutes before the movie starts at 9:25 PM when the ticket mistress announces the movie starts at 10:30 one hour later than we thought. My better half sees my rictus. Swears she […]

Review of "A Mouth in California" by Graham Foust

A Mouth in California by Graham Foust Flood Editions 2009 Review by Ray McDaniel This book performs one of my favorite miracles, a classic because it’s a repeater, a novelty that never fades: it demonstrates that the impossible (poetry) is also inevitable (poems). Though it seems as if the latter must inevitably result from the […]