Buk-ku by jim benz one tooth missing when she smiles — another morning *** naked and drunk on a flop house bed — happy for the bed *** the feel of you our bodies sloshing together in a filthy room *** filled with blood and the screaming outside my throbbing temples *** watching from behind […]

Underage Girls, Gauze, and Glad Stupidity

Underage Girls, Gauze, and Glad Stupidity by joe cloyd I went to the dentist’s office Near my old high school It wasn’t hurting until He started messing with it I already owed him over 1,200 But the pain… it was unbearable And it taught me that Pain was the penultimate philosopher Who didn’t employ logic […]


The folds of the space-suit crease my flesh Against the skin of a leather-lipped tortoise Her deep green eyes study me for signs of intelligence I am naturally too paranoid to reveal My shallow protuberance A moment passes Civilizations crumble Back home on Earth My wife dangles our youngest From a peg While a porridge […]

A Loaded Country (Ode to Women's History Month)

A Loaded Country (Ode to Women’s History Month) by diy danna Fires are shot through the cannons. Boom! Boom! Even hermits clamor out of caves to view the spectacle: Women soldiers on parade, waving flags originally designed by an 18th century freak. That Betsy Ross was some kind of freak. The lines of protest swell […]