The night is warm and in this city you can see the stars from the broken sidewalks and rutted tar. I stand on my wooden porch, the dirty gray paint flaky underfoot as my feet shift of their own accord; I cannot stand still. Every hair stands on end in its follicle. The slightest movement of a leaf on the ground next to me causes me to startle, intensely amazed at the ability for the breeze to pick it up and move it a half-centimeter after spiraling through the thick, end-of-summer night air as if it were nothing.

Poetry Prize Founded by Ted Hughes Open for Entries

The Arvon Poetry Prize, established thirty years ago by poet and husband of Sylvia Plath Ted Hughes, is now accepting entries. Until August 16, poets from around the world are invited to submit poems (with a seven-pound fee per piece) for the seventy-five-hundred-pound prize (a little less than twelve thousand dollars) sponsored by the British […]

Pen Poem

pen poem by gene defcon I cover my hands with disgusting pens It feels good to clinch and unclinch Beneath this mountain Every movement sends dirty pens Cascading down and the mountain grows wider To place more pens on the top I must use my mouth Most of the pens are covered in a crust […]

Lyle Lovett, Fans Bid Paolo Soleri Farewell

Lyle Lovett, Fans Bid Paolo Soleri Farewell by Adam Perry “I will always remember this night,” Texas-born singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett said from the Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre stage in Santa Fe late Thursday evening. “God bless you folks, and God bless Paolo Soleri.” The Santa Fe Indian School, which owns and operates the 45-year-old Paolo Soleri […]

Family of Spain's dead great poet Hernandez want name cleared

Family of Spain’s dead great poet Hernandez want name cleared By Anita Brooks in Madrid To literature fans, Miguel Hernandez was one of Spain’s greatest modern poets, a socially conscious young writer who combined Baroque-era rhythms and surreal images such as a mother breast-feeding her baby on “onion blood”. To Spaniards unfamiliar with powerful verses […]

Accepting then Rejecting? Paris Review is still shitty.

Last week, the new editor of The Paris Review, Lorin Stein, told The Observer that he and his recently installed poetry editor, Robyn Creswell, were preparing a “holy shit” poetry section for their first issue at the helm, due out Sept. 15. “Robyn and I have been arguing about poems since we met,” said Mr. […]