it should be acceptable

it should be acceptable by meghan tennison it should be acceptable to hand affection to everyone. i enjoy cleansing my friends with massages while conversing. why be particular and money-fearing? to never taste debt erase necessary evils? all day i couldn’t hear what they were saying, only my own thoughts. both parties would struggle-squeezing tangible […]


Hush by Pat A Physics Before you start making your noise and walking your way, know that the spirits of your relatives are tracking your every move. You knew they were there long ago. It was this distant hum or a belch coming from a grave stone. Over time, you lost the ability to notice […]

Halloween in Austin, TX 2010

HALLOWEEN AT THE MOHAWK – SATURDAY OCT 30th The Reverberation Appreciation Society and Laced with Romance vintage are hosting a Halloween rock and roll costume party at The Mohawk, doubling as the APF3 screening party and a launch party for Laced with Romance’s new online store. Wear your costume, we’re gonna get crazy! Here’s what’s […]


sandcastles By Alexis Chasney Mouth flavored with the ocean–water tasting of salt and raw metal coating the mountains and valleys of the tongue; crystals of sand finding their way between red lips, lodging themselves in the crevices of pearly molars. Hands covered in wet sand, morphing their form until they more resemble claws than the […]