Ran by Matt Ronquillo Stagnancy deactivated like psycho-Texas-era-revival-mode. Like using the same preposition too much to describe everything. Fuck wasting time. The bone-encased anti-homing device haunts itself relentlessly with a dark between the beams that looms inward perpetually, that already went and ran inside and side-wound around my well intentioned output with prior behavior in […]


Remainder by F.A. Nettlebeck so you really start to fucking wonder when they shake your hand like once this shit insurance salesman told me when I was 17 while my mom was cashing in the life and accident policy she had on me for the bucks to leave my abusive old man this fuck with […]

hostile witness

hostile witness by Halifax repeat offender afloat in space the likeliest suspects get selected from the jury pool to stand trial before a frozen mathematics, around, aware hypocrites sit near legal council calculating the table settings which radiate toxic gravity holding everything in order each awaiting their turn to testify and stand accused the greatest […]

Review of Now That We're Here by Elizabeth Rees

Winner of the 2007 Spire Poetry Chapbook Award Now That We’re Here (c)2008, Elizabeth Rees ISBN 13: 978-1-934828-01-4, $8.00. “It is surprising to find in any book so many poems which reward patient reading, so many poems to pass along. That the gorgeously associative poems of Elizabeth Rees are rooted in female life—its floods and […]


?print(‘Sometimes’); by Dr P Fenderson Sometimes I look behind the vinyl chairs before I sit down not trusting that something might not be there like treasure chests filled with apathy or cookie jars – or matrimony I let this wall come in to play as if, in my deluded mind, it would not be expected […]

Outlaw poet F.A. Nettelbeck dies.

Fred Nettelbeck, 1950-2011 by Stephen Kessler F. A. Nettelbeck, who died Jan. 20 in Bend, Oregon at age 60, is probably the most important avant-garde poet you’ve never heard of.  Through his 23 books and chapbooks, countless magazine (and more recently online) publications, quite a few infamous readings and, for me personally, a friendship and […]


Lost by Alexandra Batson The room sits untouched: Purple, The color of grape cotton candy. A rocking chair in the corner Waits For its first rock. There’s a changing table Where no baby’s diaper Will be changed. In the dark closet Dresses hang, like corpses, untouched, Bought too soon; Outfits that have been abandoned like […]