Ken, Version 5 for Bobcat by Dirk Michener After Paul Revere fucked Ken’s wife backstage Ken shipped out to ‘Nam When he got back from the ‘Nam He was spat on at the airport Like Rambo And moved out to the woods. Chigger bites don’t bother Ken Because he learned some trick about it in […]

Death of The Past

Death of The Past by Carl Scharwath Enlightened moon an abortion of nighttime creation Cries last energy in summer’s final luminance Grave yard headstones manifest elongated shadows Cement souls embedded into the humid grass The distant, lonely old house exhales the past Through stucco cracks, history impregnates the air Curb adorned with a broken old […]

Review of Asunder

Asunder Fiction by Robert Lopez Dzanc Books, November 2010 Paperback: 165pp; $16.95 Review by Alex Myers A dense collection, Asunder is half short stories, most of them very short, and half a novella-in-shorts. In the first section of unconnected shorts, Robert Lopez moves through scenes and characters that are mostly blank, anonymous—they could be anywhere […]


Bensonhurst By Frank Scarangello Standing on the corner – 13th Avenue & 66th Street. a long time ago.  I lived on the right out of frame. ______________________________ A three story brick walk-up with our three rooms in the back over looking a weedy yard forbidden to us kids by Julia the landlady. Everybody’s name ended […]


Diversity by Dan Raphael Ruminians languid in the city, observant, spicy, then theyre gone from the corners, never in a car, kneeling or bowing without ending knee or back always aflex Ramenians low center of quantum gravity, quantum efficiency, stretching across the street like a self-erasing fax machine. emergency envelopes, color coded circumstance, get real […]