tiny car

tiny car by Cerebella tiny driving car tiny driving car to test drive it’s me, look into your mirror take me swimming with you take me swimming with you restless energy dart your cosmic science away change your course to an object less animate feed yourself to quiet. dark thumper whickety whack carrot chomp, bunny […]

Baghdad Closer to Winter

Baghdad Closer to Winter by Kyle Hemmings Wheelchair-bound, he sat at the storm door, one-half of his former self intact. A seashell-like dent impressed above the ear. He watched the girls dodging snowballs, their legs wrapped in leotards, scarves swimming. Two girls tossed snowballs at the transparent glass. He threw an arm over his eyes. […]

Bill Murray @ Poetry Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge

Bill Murray Flies In For Poetry Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge 2011 The 16th annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge took place this past Monday. The Bridgewalk, an annual benefit for Poet’s House, found more than a hundred dedicated poetry lovers ambling from 1 Centre Street to the Fulton Street Landing in the waning hours […]