Coda by Le Hinton All humans speak multiple languages but never anyone else’s. A boss’s no knife/no back policy becomes garbled in the red liquid aftermath of a pen to the jugular. Daddy’s little girl says nothing for 8 weeks and no one understands her subtlety. A new love smiles in Portuguese. “I love you,” […]

In Our Insular

In Our Insular by Barin Darnew Beneath each layer, our antagonist strives to protect himself from exposure to the obnoxious miasma of Pollyannaism. There was once a protective element perceivable by sight alone, but this deranged barrier no longer functions and has ceased to exist altogether. Before the blanket had become apparent, a colossal fortification […]

eBooks and Poetry. Tough to Break.

Fitting Poetry to the Screen How one press is working to solve poetry’s e-book problems The same problem persists—e-books and poetry just don’t get along as well as e-books and prose. It’s those line breaks, poetry’s defining feature. The problem is a simple sounding one, but really tough to solve. Because the same e-book has […]


“Berklee” by Sarah Anne Stinnett Number of students: 4,131 Number that is male: 71 I am like the Green-Cheeked Parrot smuggled into our American cages from Mexico, endangered species # 9 I am a rare female specimen in the cages of Berklee, Berklee College of Dudes. “Yo Dude!” I aint no dude, home fry. Kilts […]

Go Went Gone

Go Went Gone by Matt Ronquillo To the shrieking eeriness of a pipesong, I’ve transported from a pivotal point in the past into water falling. I’m Xing you onto a timeline to represent that point you’ll make later, calling me Crispy Crisperson and giggling from the bed while I warily settle power cords into crackling, […]