Murmur by Kate LaDew The boy’s skin was very pale.  Arms turned down, thin strips of black wrapped around, mapping where the skin didn’t meet.  He was very handsome and Murmur was glad.  It was so much more romantic when beautiful people died.  The lips looked white, burned and raw.  Her father said the boy […]


Contentment by Michael Ryan Fragile, provisional, it comes unbidden as evening: the children on the block called in to dinner that for tonight is plentiful, as if it had cost nothing either in money or worry about money. Then evening deepens and the street turns silent. There may be disasters idling in driveways, and countless […]

Go Past the Southview Sleep Lab…

Go Past the Southview Sleep Lab/ Down to the End of Graceland and Over to Lamplighter Square Shopping Center Where Tailfeathers Flash White in Flight! by Cocteau And starting in April, on Monday nights, Meadowlark magically becomes a pizzeria, there’s/ glory for ya! During mating season, males sing from the tops of fence posts and […]

Ephram Pratt Ignores a Cacophony of Silence

Ephram Pratt Ignores a Cacophony of Silence by Jack E. Lorts Intangible as a rock, the work stands enormous but silent, like elk song wading alive into unearthly voices, relentlessly irreverent and ignoring the talisman found along the road. Why doesn’t he ask the questions intoned in ancient scriptures? Weren’t there victories enough before arrogant […]

Dennis Held on America.

Since the beginning of time, what makes us human beings is the need to make, to create, to modify our environments, to hopefully make things easier for ourselves. We used to do that inside communities. Some of those were family communities, some of them were work communities. We know that the family community is dissolving, and we know some of the effects that has had on individuals.