Cleft from Limestone

Cleft from Limestone by KJ Hannah Greenberg Cleft from limestone, also from yeshiva bucharim dancing, singing, dreaming, Near craggy outcropping, Kotel stones, white doves, sky-fostered illuminations, Uniformed captains, part grisly machismo, cry for soldiers hunted, captured, killed. This ancient real estate’s old, strong energy, radiates near demolition crews Exploding evidence, but belongs not to busses […]


melody by Wynn Everett Editor’s Note: Catch Wynn Everett in the new HBO series “The Newsroom”. his life was full of ends that didn’t rhyme unlike the stories he sang to me on the phone when one left him on a saturday, another on a tuesday, never a clean rhythm, unless walking down seventh, but […]


*untitled* by Jordan McElheran we’d sit on swings or steps and talk about how nothing lasts forever— like when kym’s hamster died and we wrapped him snug in toilet tissue and placed him gently in a small dryer sheet box with a few snacks. it must’ve smelled nice for him— but that was a year […]


BLOAT & FLOAT THROUGH THE GATELESS GATE LETTER TO THE WORLD 3 by Mark Sargent What if you didn’t understand anything you said?  Okay, plenty of these folks wandering around already, either god-drunk or scrambled and fried.  All of the above?  What I mean is, you’ve got the same consciousness, thoughts, emotions, but when you […]