Tuesday by Jon Cor It’s snowing brass under orange lamppost night, shrapnel, the slow motion petals of an exploding Eden. Somewhere out there Mommy’s feet work like pendulums; a kind of guided meditation to see her through the cold and the dark and the poor that, like her, will do anything to take care of […]

Weird White Dragon

Weird white dragon by Smokey Farris Weird white dragon: We don’t count down the diminishing days like we did once. Hapless counterparts to strangeness in hollowed out corpses. Inspirited oranges made sacred by torture of the spirit. Photo-holographic memories actualizing the hidden mirror. Reality turns in circles while the goat trainer dreams of space. Longitudinal […]


Numbers by Jared Harel My grandmother never trusted calculators. She would crunch numbers in a spiral notebook at the kitchen table, watching her news. Work harder and I’d have more to count, she’d snap at my father. And so my father worked harder, fixed more mufflers, gave her receipts but the numbers seldom changed. There […]

Lost Woody Guthrie novel to be published.

The author Douglas Brinkley and the actor Johnny Depp are teaming up to edit “House of Earth,” a previously unpublished novel by the folk singer Woody Guthrie that will be released next spring. Mr. Brinkley said in a telephone interview that the book would appear from “a major New York publisher,” but declined to specify […]