Poem Number Three Hundred and Eighty-Two

Poem Number Three Hundred and Eighty-Two by Philip Kobylarz Between a Dutchman and the Devil who can smoke the most? Only no one knows and they are selling nothing in finely Crafted boxes, some of needle, some of woven, hand-blown Glass, some of blades of stone (no, not obsidian), some Of microscopic cardboard boxes stacked […]


Remembrance by Deeptesh Sen The morning after is always painful. Invasion of astonished light on your questioning glance; a cruel emptiness. Five bottles of aspirin and telephone bills unpaid. A taste of bitter sleep on the wild geometry of your lashes. Spilled shadows caressing the folds of your violet dress that melted into the tendrils […]


Bobby by Suvi Mahonen Strands of light blue twisted, crossed over, then sank into the expanse of knitted wool only to emerge at the next stitch and repeat the pattern again. They ran in parallel symmetry, converging up to the pompom at the top of the cap. Around the circumference of the brim ran a […]


Silo by Jay Giacomazzo I figured it out this morning. my mind will serve better as a compass than as a night light. the rhythm of footsteps on Brooklyn blocks a butcher happily sharpens his knives while I dare to fault the ergonomics of destiny. fists wrapped in gauze, dipped in glue then glass I […]


Thanksgiving by Tim Nolan Thanks for the Italian chestnuts—with their tough shells—the smooth chocolaty skin of them—thanks for the boiling water— itself a miracle and a mystery— thanks for the seasoned sauce pan and the old wooden spoon—and all the neglected instruments in the drawer— the garlic crusher—the bent paring knife— the apple slicer that […]