Flesh by Shon Toney my flesh has been ruptured, forced to reveal what’s beneath, as if a mouth opened by its own voice, and not by the violence of a saddle dragged over jagged embankments dangling from horses returning wild, here is a brilliance which could no longer be contained, how a ruby held to […]


Relax by Smokey Farris There she sits alongside the herbal oils and homeopathic medicine store. She’s saying a sentence while adjusting her awkward and milking the affection of the bored. Painted white like the background of a naval officer. She displays features such as, sandy earth tones of hair and flesh. Wine colored eyebrows. Grey […]


Jet by Tony Hoagland Sometimes I wish I were still out on the back porch, drinking jet fuel with the boys, getting louder and louder as the empty cans drop out of our paws like booster rockets falling back to Earth and we soar up into the summer stars. Summer. The big sky river rushes […]

3 Worlds

3 Worlds by Dan Raphael swimming in the supermarket, shopping cart fish traps, raccoon working the register, which tree has the cold beer inside it. when I smell lunch its 2 steps away, toasting on the currents it floats on, my hand makes the holding a glass mudra and i’m no longer thirsty ***** as […]

Cleft from Limestone

Cleft from Limestone by KJ Hannah Greenberg Cleft from limestone, also from yeshiva bucharim dancing, singing, dreaming, Near craggy outcropping, Kotel stones, white doves, sky-fostered illuminations, Uniformed captains, part grisly machismo, cry for soldiers hunted, captured, killed. This ancient real estate’s old, strong energy, radiates near demolition crews Exploding evidence, but belongs not to busses […]