A by Halifax (set against Transfigured Night) the form is three two legs and between it makes plurality by standing apart indicating sound resounding a clarion that is unable to close the note once it is imposed a clamp pinches it in appraisal presiding over a vanishment on how it was before it could have […]


fall by Sean Pravica her eyes were searching for a reason to the throbbing sore bursting wide open on her pale knee it took a moment to register that blood could be so impatient as it gargled out angrily like the mysterious milky ooze from a rusty pipe her dad swore over trying to seal […]


Kites by Robert Gibb Come March we’d find them In the five-and-dimes, Furled tighter than umbrellas About their slats, the air In an undertow above us Like weather on the maps. We’d play out lines Of kite string, tugging against The bucking sideways flights. Readied for assembly, I’d arc the tensed keel of balsa Into […]