Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (23)

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (23) by Christopher Barnes In the Theatre Profane Inescapable revelations arise, Head-on to Camera 7… …An easy-temper hand Twiddling follicles, bending singed hair – Sammy lulling Bevan. Gum-tree stairs crewless. Pan to… A short-spurt log fire, Close-up door, Free spaced ferns in pots And food-for-worms sprawling Twisted on […]

Norbert Blei dies.

Norbert Blei | August 23, 1935 – April 23, 2013 Norbert Blei (August 23, 1935- April 23, 2013) was an American writer. He wrote 17 books of non-fiction, fiction, poetry and essays. In 1994, he established Cross+Roads Press, dedicated to the publication of first chapbooks by poets, short story writers, novelists and artists. Author, publisher and […]

Letter Form

form letter by Halifax (today’s date) Dear (insert word), Thanks for occurring to me as an option. The possibilities within the meaning and implication (insert word) offers intrigued me as both a poet and a reader. Unfortunately, I will not be including the connotation it implies. (Insert word) does not fit the theme or intention […]