IF by Randall Nicholas If you can throw up in my face and watch your exquisite vomit settle into my expression wearing the indifference it does now, if you can pull your underpants you wore today over my head and experience my inhalation of its delicate perfume as though taking my next breath of air, […]


Idaho by Joshua McDermott was thinking about me biting your thighs today, in a sun lit room, undressing in the closet. and how your body, if there was ever any body, is the body for my body, and your dark eyed smile, animated summer, let me sleep on your stomach, green grass morning, let me […]

Little Girl

Little Girl by Tami Haaland She’s with Grandma in front of Grandma’s house, backed by a willow tree, gladiola and roses. Who did she ever want to please? But Grandma seems half-pleased and annoyed. No doubt Mother frowns behind the lens, wants to straighten this sassy face. Maybe laughs, too. Little girl with her mouth […]

Glen Ellen

Glen Ellen by Louis Marvin Time and silence are the only medicines. -Thomas Jefferson to John Adams A buffer against the world. Filtering topics that we three can take on. Our little family. Time and silence, truly great remedies for what ails us. Time to recover from our last, stupid statement. Silence, and there is […]