1/2 by Oscar Smiles rachmaninoff comes to me 1/2 inspected 1/2 wasted & aneuritical about something he’d eaten in the latter half of gods omen to planet earth…i pick up a blade of dry grass & dilute the winds direction….negative…i can tell by the pink flagging tied to the tree limb….looks southeasterly….i step out the […]

Pursuing the Teumessian Vixen

Pursuing the Teumessian Vixen by Randall Nicholas inspired by cerebella positive back in prison from the only below- sea-level mountain range on earth a slip-freud off quicksilver sand- stone’s cliff to an upstart new pangea I am the pre-injured sub-decapitated exclamation point of swing culture’s onrush of feeling against the firewall of pretention cooperatively porous […]


GLOW WORMS by Nicole Kuwik Just drunk enough to see the similarities between Edie Sedgwick and a pack of glow worms, doomed amidst their beautiful spindrals, I recall last night’s dream I scream from inside a 1960’s blue polyester dress, as chemicals are sprayed from a vaguely marked white aerosol can with dark brown lettering, […]

A Poem on Pictures from Taschen’s ‘Decorative Art 70s’.

A Poem on Pictures from Taschen’s ‘Decorative Art 70s’. by Quasimofo “The constraints placed on both architects and designers by the economic recession which dominated the 1970’s served only to spur on their creativity. While inventiveness characterized the work of the avant-garde during these years, that of the mainstream–bar a few notable exceptions–was typically bland, […]