Grasshoppers by Ali Znaidi-Tunisia The stinky untrustworthy air of reality pushes past your nose— a mundane manacle keeping you away from those grasshoppers. Gloomy reality is a carpenter’s glue steering you toward stagnation. But, life still has its aroma. & don’t forget that life without a dream is but a scentless garden w/ out grasshoppers.

Emily Dickinson poetry festival

Amherst holding eight-day poetry festival beginning with Emily Dickinson marathon 9/22-9/28 AMHERST – In a joint venture with the Emily Dickinson Museum, the Amherst Business Improvement District is sponsoring an eight-day poetry festival beginning with the annual Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon and ending with a poetry slam. The festival begins Friday at 3 p.m. for […]

Closing Time

Closing Time by Ben Macnair It all started, when buskers were learning wonderwall, and we would meet up, for a night. Students, learning about our subjects, hoping to break hearts, whilst protecting their own. Individuals, who by twists of fate, of time and geography knew each other when we were trying to be anyone else. […]


BLUE RIDGE by Aaron Fagan When I look Into your eyes It’s as though you Are holding on For dear life to A tree’s roots, Dangling above A devastation Of stones below. But you are here With me in bed. And it’s me that’s Drowning, not you. For every problem I’ve a solution that’s Simple, […]