brood by Halifax teen heartthrobs cicadas seem serious this year wailing upon an earshot audience a song so simple it’s understood incessant gyrating decibels raise a chorus of circular statements that cut no corners in delivery these musical geniuses have it down each summer the band arrives late jams out encores of a one chord […]


You’ve by Margaret Mary Riley A scar between your thumb and index finger, which you touch softly, like a lover. A flock of hair which hangs damp, always, over your eyes a twisted kind of forelock. A new bouquet everyday, a thousand beaus lined up below your window. A cruel smile, which is at the […]

History of Rain

History of Rain by Mark Sargent “wind was meatier then” Was meteor sin and deceit just a whispering betrayal done as satisfaction gasp she breezed through relationships—a breath off the sea snapping pennants and awnings, the way a north wind moves through an old house lifting rugs, adjusting curtains, rotating dust and memory, dead insects, […]