Rope by K. Dawes To hold our lives together on the cart before the slow march after midnight along back-roads, blind-driving, the scent of the exhaust making us drowsy, every shadow in the fields a threat of sorts; we use rope thick as two thumbs side by side, pulling hard on the knot to keep […]

Bluebottle In Sunshine

Bluebottle In Sunshine by Christopher Barnes She plays ball to the roll call as Dysentery Della. Un-nested this rush hour… A wayzgoose trim at her paunch, Tinsel-mineralogical oil-slick. You’ll be over-curious at midriff legs, Crushed with wicked-ways bristle, Squab club-footed antennae Streaming wide horizons. Erewhile neck-craned on picked bones Razzling a dead rat boogie. We’re […]

Aqua Globus

Aqua Globus by Casey Bush how many dreams can fill this hour? lifetimes reflected by a mirror in the ashtray mahogany perfume weightless as moonlight dog politely addressing his master how many dreams possess each minute? forgotten flowers in the dictionary beard growing from chin to chest stumbling blocks on temple steps how many dreams […]


Done by Arthur Levine “What’s done cannot be undone…” Macbeth Act V Scene 1 A sliver of moon peeked out from the dark clouds. Chicken tried hard to keep his mind on the shoveling. “What’s done is done,” he told his cousin Brown, “there ain’t no bringing her back.” “Well, it’s like you say, done […]

Ephram Pratt Monitors an Unintended Conversation

Ephram Pratt Monitors an Unintended Conversation by Jack e Lorts Bronze angels, Anguished and asleep, Divide their time In silence and Wilderness menses, Slackened into black frost Like unintended Yellow taxis Looted and broken Among small geese The size of Shoe lace tips Frozen in blue boxes, Singing Dylan songs. The challengers Arising from soft […]