Plums by Charley Foster I was similar to corned beef She was a defective product There was a need to navigate carefully around her brain It was exciting and horrible It was fascinating and adorable It was sad and attractive I will never forget the abandoned Sputtering embers of her little mound where flowed only […]


Bread by Richard Levine Each night, in a space he’d make between waking and purpose, my grandfather donned his one suit, in our still dark house, and drove through Brooklyn’s deserted streets following trolley tracks to the bakery. There he’d change into white linen work clothes and cap, and in the absence of women, his […]

Coming Up

COMING UP by Michael Capel It was as bad as it’d ever gotten: for two hours Wally and I had been on our hands and knees, stupid from heavy-duty cough syrup and picking at the basement floor like raccoons, foraging his mother’s orange-brown shag carpet for tiny white particles, particles that looked vaguely narcotic, that […]