by Aaron Fagan

Leaves gather here
Beneath the cherry
Blooms. I am never

Where I think I am.
No need to wrestle
With the facts that

Come and go, here,
Dead by the riverbed.
Nature congregates

In cinematic exodus
From logs and stones,
From all obscurity.

Whatever it is, it is
Here to sneak a little
Luxuriance away from

The fresh bones of me.
My paper crown melts
Away, a maggot appears

At the edge of my nose,
Taking a break from
The feast we’ve made.

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  1. Beautiful, elegant stanza sense and imagery. You get a sense of Fall, but it could be any time. (“I am never where I think I am.”) “Whatever it is” takes life from him, and self-worth (“My paper crown melts away”), reducing the latter to vanity. Corruption, death are very much in the picture, as the “maggot” intimates. Fall is a time for feasting, but nature’s implicit demise suggests our “taking a break” from that to consider our mortality.

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