AHURA MAZDA by MIchael Shorb This sand and thistle wilderness once held gardens where we greeted fighting Cambyses home from Egyptian conquest with slaves, ivory, gold, a stable of captured gods. We feasted, glittering dancers whirled Priests of Ahura Mazda filled our cups with liquid glory. Waking, we find the city under siege. Macedonian javelins […]


related by Halifax self-explanatory it’s like a thing you heard about being compared to something else when you haven’t seen either yet so when you finally do see both the comparison is how you know them but because that came first to you you only know them in that way and will never know the […]


Strays by Raud Kennedy It was a good day to fleece treats off the customers coming out of the 7-11. The hot weather brought them in for beer and chips, and I sat outside pretending to be someone’s pet dog by sitting calmly and looking like I was waiting for my master to return from […]