technological nights

technological nights by oscar smiles Kultusministerkonferenz…teufel heunden… a.e. …black cross on homologous to the leg…the weightbaring & choo choo terranova devices steadily evolve according to aquatic explosions with bit lips on conniption fits…is this a dream….shall i be notified according to quixotic bio inspired goldilocks sprite maneuvers bustling around the ol heap for more consumption…i […]


REFLECTIONS ON A FUTURE JOURNEY TO THE 9/11 MUSEUM by Dr. Mel Waldman Flow fiercely and gloriously through time and we shall not forget you, for you are the celestial light that shines on our abyss and frees us from despair. Here I am, after viewing from a distance the dedication ceremony of the 9/11 […]


GLASS PIGS by Randall Nicholas Glass pigs spun taut around our heads to let go in thin air shatter our perception of correction in corners of the earth repulsing rebound where mercy stands unorthodox and kindness sits imponderable as stout supports of temples of prosperity whose circuits of interdigitated quartz disdain the pink radiance of […]


Beneath by Holly Day the waters recede and the temples emerge belfries choked with weeds and fish staircases cracked by the weight of waves. the men descend into the new valley wearing waist-high boots and rubber gloves. hours later, they emerge, armed with tales of stone altars livid with confused sea urchins octopi sprawled comfortably […]