The Only Mexican

The Only Mexican by David Martinez The only Mexican that ever was Mexican, fought in the revolution and drank nightly, and like all machos, crawled into work crudo, letting his breath twirl, then clap and sing before sandpaper juiced the metal. The only Mexican to never sit in a Catholic pew was born on Halloween, […]

The Whole

The Whole by Julie Levine You’re tired of subdividing everything, breaking down the whole so you can better understand the whole — no one cares about the whole because no one can handle the whole. You are not a person but a series of quarks, each tendon only a fraction of energy. And now that […]

The Lath House

The Lath House by Frank Osen Wood strips, cross-purposed into lattice, made this nursery of interstices—a place that softened, then admitted, sun with shade, baffled the wind and rain, broke open space. It’s now more skeletal, a ghostly room the garden seemed to grow, in disrepair, long empty and well past its final bloom. Less […]


SAINT THERESA by Juan Gelman and with many birds and their songs in the / highest part of the mind or head / and rumblings in it like the sea / or laments / or winds or movements / suns that clash / go out / then burn again / or powers like thousands of […]


A VISIT by Marc Carver I saw my dad two days ago the first time in a year. He is not the big man I remember anymore. He has shrunk and he has that turkey neck. He is still guarded but now in a different way. He didn’t much want to see me and i […]

Honey Pot

BY:Haruki Murakami (Translated by Jay Rubin) Honey Pot “So Masakichi got his paws full of honey—way more honey than he could eat by himself—and he put it in a pail, and do-o-own the mountain he went, all the way to the town, to sell his honey. Masakichi was the all-time No. 1 honey bear.” “Do […]