“says she’s against contradictions”

“says she’s against contradictions” By: Halifax (Counterclockwise to the Left) Barbara Cowan believes in aliens knows the different kinds by name lumps illegals into one group She preaches free market is natural law loves everything it might produce except Unions and regulation Swears hand to heart hypnosis is real recognizes subliminal messages everywhere shrugs baffled […]


Blitzed By: Oscar Smiles I’ve the process for a clearing It involves you and succulent rearing The scorchland wranglers The best of a love life The who and when I call them Is solely crash test superfluous Can’t wait to get up in her Liberty shards goin crazy Wtf my memento has voided Yahweh my […]

A Vagabond

 A Vagabond By: James Tate A vagabond is a newcomer in a heap of trouble. He’s an eyeball at a peephole that should be electrocuted. He’s a leper in a textile mill and likely to be beheaded, I mean, given a liverwurst sandwich on the break by the brook where the loaves are sliced. But […]

Portland Taxis

Portland Taxis By: Michael Benedikt If I were on Mars, and wanted to get back-to-home, I would Hail a taxi. There’s nothing I like better Than hailing a taxi, they have saved me many times From the spectre of fiscal responsibility. From the bottom Of a well comes my voice, hailing a taxi: “Get Me […]

Third Man Records launches publishing wing

Jack White’s Third Man Records launches publishing wing Jack White’s Third Man Records is expanding: the label will officially launch its new publishing wing next month, with the release of Language Lessons: Volume 1. The debut release from Third Man Books isn’t just an ordinary hardback, however: co-edited by Third Man’s Ben Swank and Chet […]

Experiencing Death

Experiencing Death By: Liu Xiaobo I had imagined being there beneath sunlight with the procession of martyrs using just the one thin bone to uphold a true conviction And yet, the heavenly void will not plate the sacrificed in gold A pack of wolves well-fed full of corpses celebrate in the warm noon air aflood […]