Ephram Pratt Delivers on Silence

Ephram Pratt Delivers on Silence by Jack e Lorts The Druze influence begged a certain indifference, spanning the islands along the coast as well as incidental fingers reaching into a false aftermath, liquored up like loggers locating dying rebels alone in colorful jerseys, infiltrating the noises surfacing as the cartoonists draw invisible pictures in the […]

November 1968

November 1968 by Adrienne Rich Stripped you’re beginning to float free up through the smoke of brushfires and incinerators the unleafed branches won’t hold you nor the radar aerials You’re what the autumn knew would happen after the last collapse of primary color once the last absolutes were torn to pieces you could begin How […]

The Divide

The Divide by Oscar Smiles And then u divide And you itch all the fuckin time It’s ridiculous Ur like a rattlesnake nitemare Crushed to death by your Very own blows It’s like one big puzzle One that you can finish in a nitedream the redhead on vista ridge mall drive Damn bro I believe […]

The Hiding-Place Wallet

The Hiding-Place Wallet By Christopher Barnes Frowners Department Store Milton Keynes 2056 6251166 £ Faux Suede Pet Bed 26.99 ——————————————————— To Pay 26.99 Cash 30.00 Change Due 3.01 ——————————————————— 18/04/14 12.26 3840 694 1634 5010 Jump rat, door beetle, moth. Light fingers hesitate As the horned moons glisters on fangs. A picture frame shadows around […]

Great Leap

Great Leap by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois I play the guitar and harmonica at open mics. I also play the Jew’s Harp. I’m a regular. I’m terrible. Everyone feels sorry for me, but they applaud politely. Before I go onstage, I study the cover of Dylan’s Nashville Skyline for at least an hour. I may suck, […]