Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly By Christopher Barnes Frowners Department Store Milton Keynes 2056 6251166 £ Head Andy Murray Ti Radical 27” Tennis Racquet 24.99 ——————————————————— To Pay 24.99 Cash 25.00 Change Due 0.01 ——————————————————– 12/04/14 12.25 2925 347 1255 5306 In the barred window yard, Nostalgia for strawberries. An incorrigible scot-free Jay bird. Time’s locked into passing […]

My Soul

My Soul by Reed Posey My Soul My Soul Balloon up under my skin Attacking sharks of sex gas Angel feather touch of crass poesy And mechanical in form of popular expression A lock of hair with a trace of ghost A piece of the one true cross A hole in a pair of shoes […]

The Woman

The Woman by David Meikeljohn Like the woman who finds work manufacturing prosthetic limbs on an assembly line and enjoys it until losing her right forearm to the clamping gears. Like the woman who buys two pairs of shoes because her two left feet require two left shoes. Like the woman who supports herself by […]


Eastman by Pat A Physics My peace pipe froze on the way up the hill. The apprehension is plain and the ponies are stultified. Acting with new purpose, I rub my hands together and blow heat against them, but what do I know about you and your housefolk. Parties on weekends that are low key, […]

Wandering Hermit seeking chapbook length submissions

Wandering Hermit seeking chapbook length submissions Wandering Hermit Press is now open for contest submissions of chapbook length poetry, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. You will find a description of what we are looking for below. An open call for submissions to our online journal Wandering Hermit Review will be forthcoming as well as an open […]