SECOND PUBERTY by Casey Bush “The tragedy of sexual intercourse Is the perpetual virginity of the soul.” – WB Yeats During the earliest millennium Premature aging was noted Among eunuchs of Egyptian pharaohs Just as castration of roosters Leads to atrophy of their red combs Mystery of aging hidden within the scrotum It was the […]

Black Forest

Black Forest by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois My people sought solace in the Black Forest, and that impossible commodity, safety. For the pleasure of their neighbors, all of whom were at a distance, they loaded cakes with chocolate and coconut, which they’d discovered on an aborted foray into Morocco, but someone else got the credit, the […]


Thanksgiving by Linda McCarriston Every year we call it down upon ourselves, the chaos of the day before the occasion, the morning before the meal. Outdoors, the men cut wood, fueling appetite in the gray air, as Nana, Arlene, Mary, Robin—whatever women we amount to— turn loose from their wrappers the raw, unmade ingredients. A […]


SCHOOL’S OUT!  (1974) By Monica Hall I dragged the old wooden ladder from our side yard where it lay abandoned. “This thing’s gotta be older than me” I grumbled, as I shoved it upright against our house. “It weighs more than me, that’s for sure” I gasped. Besides the beach, the most superior sun bathing […]

Review of Angles of Separation

Review of Angles of Separation by Carol Smallwood Judith Skillman Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: Glass Lyre Press (2014) ISBN-13: 978-0984035298 Buying a new poetry collection is like investing in a travel ticket—the excitement begins when a book arrives with shiny cover and unexplored pages; the cover art of Angles of Separation is Edvard Munch’s […]