and you will know me by the trail of ding dongs

It saddens me to report that one of our long time writers has passed away after a battle with Cancer. She was a great person, a fan and supporter of many of the projects we’ve done with Haggard and Halloo and Business Deal Records. She wrote over 40 poems over the last decade for Haggard […]

Book review – betting on the Muse by Charles Bukowski

Book review – betting on the Muse by Charles Bukowski Review by Ben Macnair Over 400 pages, the influential prose writer and poet Charles Bukowski describes his favourite things in one of his last books – Betting on the Muse. During his prolific career Bukowski made a name for himself as both a writer of […]

The Christmas Exchange

The Christmas Exchange {Ho Ho Ho} By: Halifax I don’t believe in christmas. what do you mean christmas? You mean Santa? no, I believe in Santa. I don’t believe in christmas. As in there’s no such thing? Yes. Exactly. Well that’s ludicrous. Christmas may come but once a year but it sure enough comes. Really? […]

City Lights

City Lights by Mary Avidano My father, rather a quiet man, told a story only the one time, if even then—he had so little need, it seemed, of being understood. Intervals of years, his silences! Late in his life he recalled for us that when he was sixteen, his papa entrusted to him a wagonload […]

World Picture

World Picture by Meng Lang, translated from Chinese by Denis Mair Far away, a dust column in the storm takes solid form People who lean against the wind to keep themselves erect Are like one speechless statue after another The storm enters its fiercest hour I have seen so much immobility The distance – how […]