Hard Night

Hard Night By Christian Wiman What words or harder gift does the light require of me carving from the dark this difficult tree? What place or farther peace do I almost see emerging from the night and heart of me? The sky whitens, goes on and on. Fields wrinkle into rows of cotton, go on […]

Glass Factory

Glass Factory by Doug Draime For several months every night my grandfather would fall asleep sitting in front of the television after dinner, which he would just pick at and never finish. Every night he would wake with a start between 8 and 8:30, his eyes blinking open and shut rapidly several times, and scream, […]


Notebook by Patti Smith I keep trying to figure out what it means to be american. When I look in myself I see arabia, venus, nineteenth-century french but I can’t recognize what makes me american. I think about Robert Frank’s photographs — broke down jukeboxes in gallup, new mexico… swaying hips and spurs…ponytails and syphilitic […]