Night Text

Night Text by Sarah Maclay Let’s imagine I’m translating something to you— you, asleep, or sleepless or naming that third place—between— with the tips of your tapering fingers— I don’t know the language. It bends. In the mind—in that strangely shared chamber— that is, I mean, in your hands, where you show me those scenes […]

blearily loping

blearily loping by Shannon Baker blearily loping toward a gleaming, grand indifference gratitude signalcrossed smashbroken into, midsentence, bent over and back, but still singing out questions. striking self onward, shapeless and wondering whether or not. and how. where and which backhanded way.

Separating Sara

Separating Sara by Kenneth Sibbett Marty sat at his desk at home, watching the kids across the street playing some type of game. It looked like “You’re It’, a game he had played as a child. He smiled remembering how terrible he was at it. Someone counted to a 100, while the other kids hid. […]

Sugar Lane

Sugar Lane by Brittany Crosby Drip drops of sun on my thirsty tongue. Squeeze juicy wine from pink pears. Stroke my cheek with a sugary wave. Sniff pollen dusted apricots and tickle my little nose. Shake golden raindrops from fluffy flower pedals. Pinch a bee and kiss its fuzz. Sprinkle salt from a purple raspberry […]

The Wall

The Wall By Alfred Corn I try and try not to think about the Wall. Its profile, massive height and roughcut stonework All stir up fear, gloom, exaltation, pride, And numbness, in a jumble hard to name. No one knows who had it built, or when; Five hundred years ago, the locals guess; But sunset […]

LA Times Man

LA Times Man by Kim Farleigh A LA Times man looked across the plane’s aisle and asked: “What are you going to be doing there?” “Construction.” The journalist had curious eyes and a hooked nose. He leant forward, like an inquisitive eagle, curiosity crumbling in the face of construction silence. The heat had hit the […]

On Deck

On Deck by Nicholas Su He can still feel it. That day he departed in a slow drifting off the docks and the lazy waves rocking the craft up and down and side to side. He can still smell it, smell of smoke rolling out of brick chimneys, and the smell of ash from the […]

Choice Words

Choice Words by Ivan Jenson Let me be succinct: you are not exactly the shape size and circumference that titillates my receptors and while you have been within my trajectory I have not experienced that so very important moment of bonding that would motivate me to pull the emotional trigger where I might offer or […]

No Worry

No Worry By Cole Swensen No, worry about nothing but the chiseling of hills into distance in the slight haze and sleep lost over color no two ever the same the wringing hands float ashore amazed. Worry about beauty. It can sell you anything. Lakes collect in the chambers of the heart where the sailboats […]