whisper by Jude Dillon whisper into the ear of a deaf mute and don’t expect a nod……a thin blue wash surfacing on the dark channel…. soon is hardly quick enough to frighten bears in iron houses and shadows of rigid trees that never grow leaves… the jinx of heaven never sparing the flowers breathless in […]

The Baby Mind

The Baby Mind by Shane Jesse Christmass In 1974, when indoor smoking wasn’t pillory then, in the train corridor, the tufts smelt of Nanna Magee’s stale smokes, like a hive-mind of melting dysentery, drinking charcoal that the nurses would eventually give to Edmond Magee. Edmond didn’t know if it was the last time he would […]

Stand To

Stand To by Oscar Smiles stand to and take ur jacket off it’s wool inside I got such a sycophant glare don’t come crying wolf to me such as behind the corylus tree mother mari comforts me whispering words of wisdom I got the shaft I got the longitude and the lat. the verses go […]


Possessions by Laura Jensen Like jewelry his bicycle gleams on my porch, attached to his hands, carried a flight before he even knocks and it wheels its majesty into my kitchen. As we talk of the torch I flick my lighter. Later we fly to the park. He wheels away down streets and sometimes closer, […]

a sail of calm

a sail of calm by Shannon Baker a sail of calm, smacking still inside my skin. one breath, another. organized, soft. i feel ok. walking easily thru the aisles. better much better, oh yes certainly all better now. a clear night. the tremor of approaching tomorrows. somewhere, a tiny, twitching smirk.