Before Dark

Before Dark By Jennifer Barber They used to mass in the crowns of oaks on every street for blocks around but have gone elsewhere, the evening no longer gathered by their feathers but by the leaves, which blot whatever light is left to the sky. Whether we saw the crows as a barely worth mentioning […]

Real Life

Real Life by Kim Addonizio Here we walk without wallets, no keys to anything. The gates swing open, we move among the cows, hot hills, at night through wet foxtails; the kitchen light hums winged things circle it. Yesterday you slit a snakeskin and found the diamond pattern interrupted, in the center, by a heart: […]

Bottled Water

Bottled Water by Kim Dower I go to the corner liquor store for a bottle of water, middle of a hectic day, must get out of the office, stop making decisions, quit obsessing does my blue skirt clash with my hot pink flats; should I get my mother a caregiver or just put her in […]

Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo Leaves by ESR Bamboo leaves on the screen where the other versions of our lives unfold the letter of the law a delicate silhouette even as we watch word is play time for drinks the bitter elixir down town & country magazine spreads on the butter like praise for the victory with her torch […]


“TRADEGY IS EASY,…” by Mark Sargent A champagne shadow, froth on legs the kitten slinks through the jasmine surging off the wrought-iron, summer rain splatters the leaves, thunder groans down the Tayegetos, Maya massages the lethargic Ali, messages from afar slip through the storm fleeting attentions for something so done boomeranging back to the spot […]