dogs are barking By Halifax Promises after aglets on our laces go missing their ties intertwine gnarled bramble till they twist to pair gathered nests laying cockleburs inside matted felt Choices knotted ends prevent further fraying lest additional losses become regular snips to free thorn seed hitching rides out roughneck fields wandered past Commitments pony […]

Max Ernst

Max Ernst by Paul Eluard In a corner agile incest Circles the virginity of a little dress. In a corner the sky turned over To the spines of the storm leaves white balls behind. In the brightest corner of every eye We’re expecting the fish of anguish. In a corner the car of summer Immobile […]


GOLD MEDAL by Philippe Soupaul Night jostles her stars It rains sand and cotton It is so hot but silence weaves sighs and the glory of summer Signals a little bit everywhere of heated crimes of people who’ll overthrow thrones and a great light in the West and the East tender like a rainbow It’s […]

Removing the Dross

Removing the Dross by Thomas Moore After snowstorms my father shoveled the driveway where it lay open to a sweep of wind across a neighbor’s field, where the snow drifted half way down to the paved road, before snow-blowers, before pick-ups cruised the streets with THE BOSS lettered on red plows. He heated the flat […]