CHRISTMASING by Hugh Fox Christmasing and Chanukaing into violin-tromboning blasting Polonaise from Rimsky-Korsakov’s Christmas Eve Suite into the BBC’s Slaughter-Evening News, vegetarian deer on the side of the road waiting to be shot, does grass feel pain/loss, fifty, sixty, a hundred years, what percentage aging, what percentage Delibesian-Coppelia ailes de pigeon, ballotté, chaînés, ciseaux, joyeuse* […]

Hold It Down

Hold It Down By Gina Myers It’s 70 degrees outside but in the drugstore Christmas music plays over the speakers as I stand in line balancing my checkbook in my head, stretching things thin until my next paycheck when the rent is due. The security guard cracks a joke, but I wasn’t paying attention, so […]

ultima multis

ultima multis by Alexandra Weiss they’ve emptied the fountain for winter and, on the grass, a wrinkled coverlet out of season cheapened and disgraced a wrought figure tilted to the unforgiving sky repelling rain a wax of itself the size and shape of my hand with dropsy wax paper leaf at rest

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate by Robert Morgan In her nineties and afraid of weather and of falling if she wandered far outside her door, my mother took to strolling in the house. Around and round she’d go, stalking into corners, backtrack, then turn and speed down hallway, stop almost at doorways, skirt a table, march up to […]

Wicked smile

bridgework by: Halifax The divisions of Heaven from Hell grow from gums flapping While language learning a practice set comes in primitive understandings not meant to last forever Mature teeth are crowned with mouthfuls of silver Some lost as babies that will never return Biting words mime to us wisdom from outside like there is […]