To End in Tragedy

To End in Tragedy by Holly Day the octopi approach one another with resignation knowing their coupling is doomed that there is no happy end to this story. Their limbs float around them as they hesitantly embrace, as if not sure when or whose caresses will turn violent, as if hoping that, if they just […]


SIGNS by Stefanie Bennett … You remained the same For 40 years: You put the cat out Instead Of the milk money -. The squatter’s chair -. The imaginary Diva From next door -. The pilot-light And a picture Postcard Of Pompeii. Always, you strayed My way As before, Tramping Grand Elysium Fields And more, […]

Sixty Years Later I Notice, Inside A Flock Of Blackbirds,

Sixty Years Later I Notice, Inside A Flock Of Blackbirds, by David Evans the Venetian blinds I dusted off for my mother on Saturday mornings, closing, opening them with the pull cord a few times just to watch the outside universe keep blinking, as the flock suddenly rises from November stubble, hovers a few seconds, […]

Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire by Donal Mahoney Rhoda, I can’t say why Amanda was picked and not Tiffany for anchor of our Nightly News. I interviewed both because Mr. Smith wanted a woman’s opinion. I honestly don’t know. I made a recommendation and sent it to Mr. Jones who sent it to Mr. Smith who made […]

The Months

The Months By Linda Pastan January Contorted by wind, mere armatures for ice or snow, the trees resolve to endure for now, they will leaf out in April. And I must be as patient as the trees— a winter resolution I break all over again, as the cold presses its sharp blade against my throat. […]

A Real-Life Drama

A Real-Life Drama By Michael Collier This dog standing in the middle of the street, tail stiff, fur bushy with fear, and a pedigree rabbit, its neck broken and bleeding beneath his paws, might have been forgiven or simply taken away and shot under different circumstances and no one would have said much, except his […]