Last Advice

Last Advice by Jeffrey Harrison The night before my father died I dreamed he was back home, and I in my old room on the third floor, and he was calling up to me from the bottom of the stairs some advice I couldn’t hear or recall the next day when, standing over him back […]

Finding the Lego

Finding the Lego by Maryann Corbett You find it when you’re tearing up your life, trying to make some sense of the old messes, moving dressers, peering under beds. Almost lost in cat hair and in cobwebs, in dust you vaguely know was once your skin, it shows up, isolated, fragmentary. A tidy little solid. […]

Deconstructing DNA

Deconstructing DNA by Casey Bush (spinning yarns) dogma at the public house swamped by hogwash what I see in the mirror is more substantial than what it reflects (salt and pepper) grown tired of Existentialism all that being and nothingness when Murphy’s Law better explains why so much right has gone so wrong the afterlife […]


3% by Ben Macnair They say that a person, and a Banana share 97% of the same genetic material. It is that 3% difference that leads to bones, Teeth. Hair. Skin. Opposable thumbs. Inbuilt bullshit detectors. Technology. Music. Science. Art. Trolls. Film. Pack mentality, and the internet. and that the closeness between a human and […]


Accident by Joan McNerney If only it had not rained the sky black and wet as we hurried across streets. Perhaps had he worn a light coat it would have been easier to spot. Maybe if the cab driver were not so tired, if headlights shone brighter. How many hundreds of things lead him to […]

electric grackle

electric grackle by Josh Bomberger, Oswald James electric grackle shhhhh sssshhhh gasssssssssssssss gasssssssssssssss grab hold of yr wing letter rip behind each gate lies a destructive paradise waiting in limbo to be unhatched my by the unsuspecting fa dwellers vo of the six gates ri .. .. .. .. .. te s u mm e […]