Poem by John Gray To Arthur Edmonds Geranium, houseleek, laid in oblong beds On the trim grass. The daisies’ leprous stain Is fresh. Each night the daisies burst again, Though every day the gardener crops their heads. A wistful child, in foul unwholesome shreds, Recalls some legend of a daisy chain That makes a pretty […]


Seed by Kathleen Driskell In first grade, you met Squanto, nearly naked and on his haunches, showing those thick-headed pilgrims how one must plant fish to grow maize. And in autumn you dove into the lobotomized pumpkin, into the gooey pulp and seeds, raising a clump like a slimy chandelier from the Titanic. And now […]

Believe This

Believe This by Richard Levine All morning, doing the hard, root-wrestling work of turning a yard from the wild to a gardener’s will, I heard a bird singing from a hidden, though not distant, perch; a song of swift, syncopated syllables sounding like, Can you believe this, believe this, believe? Can you believe this, believe […]


Sunflowers by Kieran Borsden Remember when we were sunflowers, elevated by spring-time devotion— ever reaching to the boundless sky? How we faced the sun, entranced, and followed as it arced into the night—then waited for tomorrow to fulfill its promise. Remember summer afternoons, their warm and bolstered hues? The buoyant bumble bees, and chirrup-chatter drifting […]

After the Winter

After the Winter by Claude McKay Some day, when trees have shed their leaves And against the morning’s white The shivering birds beneath the eaves Have sheltered for the night, We’ll turn our faces southward, love, Toward the summer isle Where bamboos spire to shafted grove And wide-mouthed orchids smile. And we will seek the […]


Tyrannosaurus by Tomás Sánchez Hidalgo It’s seven in the morning while we navigate through the Leviathan, without a compass, and with a wicked Tyrannosaurus affixed to the very center of the galleon’s deck, in the middle of a tsunami. It’s that simple. The captain and his command cadre have suffered their particular Metamorphosis and, upon […]